Monday, March 2, 2009

Fancy Stripes and Bear's Toes

Fancy Stripes it wasn't, and Donna had a much better idea... use a square for the center and strips for the stripes... finishing with triangles in the corners. I really like that idea, it would be a real quick one for a Valley Girls' Quilt to have Kerstin take home with her! I really do like the white background with the blue and brown on it... note to self - don't buy fat quarters, they are just toooo small. Well, actually, don't buy anything - this is the year of "Make it do", isn't it?
The HSTs in the next photo are for Judy's "Bears in the Farmhouse Quilt Along", but I have to go load a kiln right now, so I didn't get them all ironed - hence the basket of triangles. They are all sewn, but I'll have to press them when I get back tonight. OOoops! The HSTs will be pressed before midnight, but wanted to be sure I could put this on Mr. Linky and be included in step #3.
How do I get a double space between paragraphs? I don't seem to ba able to figure that one out.


  1. you ought to be able to get a double-space between paragraphs just by double-spacing when you write your blog post... it always works for me on blogspot! Nice stripy block, by the way!

  2. Still loving your color selection on this week's block...very Little House on the Prairie for me which I love...

    I have been having problems with double spacing between paragraphs as well and it is so frustrating...

    I get mad too when i want more than a fat of a particular fabric and have now been buying 1/2 yards...which is so addiciting. I am still building a stash, so it is beneficial for me.

  3. What are you loading in the kiln? I love your hst. I also like your white, blue, and brown color combo in Fancy Stripes.