Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Look what I Found!

Look what I found on my computer... well, on my iPad, anyway. I don't have an actual computer any more, too broke to get the one I want, and too stubborn to settle for one I don't like. Yep, that's me.

I've not posted in several years. A very strange thing, since I live "in the woods"... local-ese for out in the forest on a logging road, and have no neighbors to chat with.  Still me, though. Knitting socks, making quilts, throwing pots, occasionally gardening and taking walks with my dog, sometimes photographing what I see. Pretty low-key quiet life, and I like it.

Well see if I can remember that I rediscovered the blog, and continue coming back to say more. Cheers.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

JL's Scrappy Challenge, January...

Since my "Table Runner Project", one for each month to protect my Grandmother's teacart from muddy kitty feet, had stalled (or maybe come completely off the rails) I decided the January Challenge would be a two-for-one !! I wanted white for January's snow, and blues for the coldness. Now I have a teacart runner... AND it is finished!

I'm glad I chose tans instead of white, though... Kitties have already given their "paws up" seal of approval and white would have looked awful with their decorative touches. The setting triangles are the same, as well as the center focus squares and plain rectangles, but I don't think any of the other blues or tans are duplicated... I could be wrong, though.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Starting Over... Again, Maybe

LAST DAY of January, 2014... And first blog in a very long time.

I guess I did sort of "Fall Off The End Of The Earth" this last year. 2013 wasn't my best year ever, and quite a few things got lost in the shuffle of living. Some quilting got accomplished, some pieces are still in  the 'flimsy' stage, and some are yet in the 'thinking' stage.

I am getting better on the longarm, thanks to Charlie and the ladies at "Country Lady" in Roseburg... I'm so pleased that she is letting the guild (I finally joined a quilt guild) use one of her big Gammills to quilt the donation quilts we have made/collected. Amazing to be able to practice on a longarm when you don't own a machine! I'm now good enough that I've topstitched three of my own quilts as well as a couple for friends, and about 50 donation quilts for guild.

To recap my quilting year:
I took a quilt class at Charlie's and have a lovely Amish-Style quilt that needs topstitching to show for it. The bright solids really pop against the black. My first quilt using solid fabrics, it has no home yet.

Bonnie Hunter came to our guild in September, and Kerstin and I attended her workshop. Made a string quilt (not my favorite style) called "Spiderweb" and now I'm in love with this quick way to use up scraps that are too small for anything, but too big to discard! After our quilt retreat in a few weeks I'm sure I'll have the borders finished and on, so I can post a photo.

Several of Erin's friends had babies, and were gifted quilts. The Moms and Dads were the ones who seemed most pleased, but the babies looked pretty cute wrapped in their  new quilts.

Finally finished the Hawaiian pillows for Nora and the Kids, they were very appreciative of the gesture.

My table-runner of the month project stalled with only four made. But I've finished "January" now with one day to spare while participating in Judy L's Scrappy Challenge of the Month. I'll post a picture in a separate post so everyone from the challenge doesn't have to slog through the verbiage. I'll make the February runner at the retreat, and March just needs quilting. More of Judy's scrappy challenges will probably come into the picture as table runner Multi-Taskers this year.

I'm off  to the quilt shop to finish topstitching a gift quilt (which I can't show yet either, it is a secret) and do some townie errands. See you all later!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Great Reveal for C.R.

I joined a quilting "Round Robin" this year. My first one. Julie W (aka "Floribunda") hosted/organized the COTTON ROBIN  participants and kept us all on track, making herself crazy in the process.

All the mini-quilts turned out well, and were as varied as the group that made each one. Julie had each of us make a center square and send it to her. She divided us into groups of three anonymous quilters (nobody knew whose block they had, or who had worked on it, eh?) There was one person to add the first border, one the second, and the final member of the group was to back, quilt, and bind the whole thing. Here is the Mini-Quilt I finished (it is Julie's!)

I was so pleased when I came back from a stay in Palm Desert to find a wonderful package from a person I didn't know waiting for me!

This was the center that I sent to Julie...

And this was the mini-quilt I got back in the mail from Tina! 

Huge Thank Yous to Tina, Andra, and Melinda! You guys are awesome...I can't say how much my quilt totally matches my quilting style.... fits right in to my house, and the workmanship is beautiful.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Learning Leaves... January FMQ Lesson

I'm trying to learn/improve my Free Motion Quilting. The way this is going to happen is by signing on for Sew Cal Gal's Free Motion Quilt Challenge. I haven't (fortunately) done enough FMQ to have developed too many bad habits, so I don't have to "unlearn" a whole string of Bads.

I want to be able to quilt single bed sized quilts down to small bags at home on my Bernina. I practiced a lot on "sandwiches", then went ahead with a lap-sized donation quilt. I like doing leaves! Loopy meander is my second favorite, but leaves really do it for me.

Now that I look at the photo of the small donation quilt I uploaded, MOST of the leaves don't look too bad. There are a lot of loops tucked in there though.
It is a really good feeling to finish quilts to be donated to local charities... I like giving back to the community and making kids smile! Donation quilts use up a LOT of "stash, too.

And Now For Something Totally Different ...

I am trying to make 12 pairs of socks in 2012, knitting along with Denise and a lot of other knitters. Several of my "Bloggy Friends" use their Quilt Blogs to detail their knitty adventures and I decided to do that, too.

Here are my completed socks for January. Red Heart's "Heart and Sole" in the Blue Jacquard colorway. I had forgotten to take the photo until I was already wearing them! Up on the cutting table and "I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille".

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The "Cotton Robin"

I can't post a photo of the center square I made yesterday for the Round Robin that Julie is hosting... it is a secret. Originally I had said I'd like country colors in my quilt, but I changed to all blues and greeny-blues in the block I made. My favorites!

I love the idea of working on a quilt with new friends from far away and close to home... there will be four of us working on each of the quilts, but nobody will know whose quilt they are working on. We send our current quilt to the next name on our list (not it's owner), but we won't know whose quilts we worked on, or who worked on our quilt until they all return "Home" this Summer! Lots of fun and surprises, yes?!!?