Thursday, December 23, 2010

Judy's UFO Challenge List

The Christmas Quilt is back from Kerstin's! It is one of those finished projects that I'm not sure I like, but it may be growing on me... Right now it is hanging over the open space where the window goes (there is a reason for all those tapestries in European Castles!!) in the living room, and keeping the cold out.

Since we have so many unfinished projects, Kerstin and I decided to join the Patchwork Times UFO Challenge instead of doing a BOM this year. She is a much more prolific quilter than I, and has many more UFOs (many more finished quilts as well!) but I have at least 12 that are needing anything from "just one more block" to "cut out and ready to go". There are at least 12... perhaps I'll have to choose which to put into the monthly challenge!

First order of business, though, is to finish Kaylin's graduation quilt! The goal is to have it completed by January 1st... wish me luck!

Here is the list of quilts to finish so far, I still haven't been to look at the box(es) so I won't have a complete list until a bit later.

1. Drunkard's Path Variation BOM
2. QA - Marty Michell (butterflies)
3. Cathy's quilt - Bento Box
4. Snail Trail -Blue and Cream
5. Country Stars
6. Green Asian Stars - Jan. Drawing, FINISHED 1-27-2010! picture on Jan 31 post.
7. Six-Inch "Strings"
8. Black Fossil Fern Stars
9. NB Shop-hop 06
10. NB Shop-hop 07
11. Chickens - not funky
12. Funky Chickens