Friday, July 30, 2010

Long Time No Post...

Here is the R/W/B "Album" block from week 26 of Friday Block Party. Just a few more of this colorway and I'll have another UFO wrapped up! Really like the red bandanna fabric I used for the inner square... only had a smidgin of that, so this was the perfect spot.

I did manage to finish the Lap Quilt I was making from Christmas fabrics, and sent it off to Kerstin for quilting - again, without taking a photo... will I never learn???

When Erin came to Oregon for her Summer visit, three of her teacher friends at ASK (school) were pregnant, and she wanted to make baby quilts for them... like the one she had made for Wendy's baby. Cool idea, yeah?
Oh, and since one of the new Moms already had a darling two year old, could we make a quilt for Claire as well? (Note how the focus has changed from she wanted to make quilts to "we" need a quilt for Claire, too???) Not a problem. The really good thing about baby quilts is that they are really SMALL, and fast, and I can quilt them on my machine at home.
This "Dancy" red quilt is Claire's. The red polka-dots aren't... dots, I mean. They are a swirly batik.

The tiny rail fence with the moons and stars is for Claire's new baby brother.