Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And now, for something totally different...

It is String Hearts for "Block Lotto"!

One of my "Bloggy Friends" mentioned she was making some string hearts for her Block Lotto group... and it looked like so much fun, I emailed Sophie to see if I could join their group. I thought one or two blocks a month until I manage to finish Kaylin's quilt would be do-able. These heart blocks are a bit addicting, though. Very quick to make and really good stash busters. All those little bits that are too narrow for the strip bins, but too big to throw out... what a good way to use them! This one is my first (and the one I like least - the strings are too wide and the colors need to be brighter).

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February's UFO is Number Ten

Well, I figured out which UFO I need to finish for February!

Judy L. drew #10, and for me that was the "2006 North Bay Shop Hop." I had managed to put all the blocks for the quilt (still unwrapped) as well as the backing and setting fabrics for it into a bag to keep everything clean and tidy. Nice Fall colors in the fabric selection and I chose an interesting setting pattern, too.

I liked the idea of making this quilt "someday" and reliving memories of the Shop Hop trip Kerstin and I took... driving around to the twelve different quilt shops, miles and miles apart in the North Bay, to collect all the blocks in one day. It wasn't getting any closer to becoming a completed quilt, though, hiding in those bags-within-a-bag.

So far I have completed two of the blocks, and on the third one I'm doing a "new" thing for me... needle-turn applique. I'm glad I have joined Judy's UFO challenge. Soon I will have two quilts from the list finished! YYAAY!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFO #10 for the Challenge...

OK, at least I looked it up. Number ten on my UFO list for the challenge is "NB Shop Hop - 2007". I'll have to go upstairs and see which one that is! I should have put Post-Its on the bags containing the numbered UFOs! Definitely a "to-do" for today... right after I finish planting the apple trees.

The kids have District Swim Finals this weekend - so not a lot of sewing will get done. I am going to be a "Bad Auntie" and take Kaylin some fabric scraps from her quilt as a teasing sort of joke! Tee Hee! She thought it funny when I did it with Alex, but we'll see her reaction this time around. (Johnny just looked a little confused when I brought him three miserable little fabric pieces and told him it was his quilt.... boys??!??)