Wednesday, February 2, 2011

UFO #10 for the Challenge...

OK, at least I looked it up. Number ten on my UFO list for the challenge is "NB Shop Hop - 2007". I'll have to go upstairs and see which one that is! I should have put Post-Its on the bags containing the numbered UFOs! Definitely a "to-do" for today... right after I finish planting the apple trees.

The kids have District Swim Finals this weekend - so not a lot of sewing will get done. I am going to be a "Bad Auntie" and take Kaylin some fabric scraps from her quilt as a teasing sort of joke! Tee Hee! She thought it funny when I did it with Alex, but we'll see her reaction this time around. (Johnny just looked a little confused when I brought him three miserable little fabric pieces and told him it was his quilt.... boys??!??)

1 comment:

  1. Good goin'. Do you have to take those UFOs in order? I'm afraid numbers on bags would be pretty depressing.