Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February's UFO is Number Ten

Well, I figured out which UFO I need to finish for February!

Judy L. drew #10, and for me that was the "2006 North Bay Shop Hop." I had managed to put all the blocks for the quilt (still unwrapped) as well as the backing and setting fabrics for it into a bag to keep everything clean and tidy. Nice Fall colors in the fabric selection and I chose an interesting setting pattern, too.

I liked the idea of making this quilt "someday" and reliving memories of the Shop Hop trip Kerstin and I took... driving around to the twelve different quilt shops, miles and miles apart in the North Bay, to collect all the blocks in one day. It wasn't getting any closer to becoming a completed quilt, though, hiding in those bags-within-a-bag.

So far I have completed two of the blocks, and on the third one I'm doing a "new" thing for me... needle-turn applique. I'm glad I have joined Judy's UFO challenge. Soon I will have two quilts from the list finished! YYAAY!

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  1. With work going that fast, how'd you get to be a Slow Poke. Common, you're putting the rest of us to shame!