Sunday, March 13, 2011

Twins' Quilts are FINISHED!

I'm pretty excited this weekend. I finished the Graduation Quilts for the twins. They've been sent to Kerstin for topstitching, and will be presented to the kiddos on June 4th at their party. I know this is a bit of a risk, but the chances of either one of them looking at my blog are so slim that I'd rather my friends see what I've been doing than worry aboout it.
Kaylin's is the top one; the dark blue batik was purchased in Roseburg last year when Kerstin was up for the Sisters' Quilt Show. It is fish.

John's is the second one... "Super Surfer". The light blue came out with a very green cast in the photo... it is actually a pretty true blue, but I had to take the picture in the house. It was raining, DUH! It is OREGON in Winter.