Sunday, April 4, 2010

So, What Else is New?

I'm surprised that the "Drunkard's Path" blocks for our North Bay BoM are not as difficult as I had originally thought they'd be. Curved seams require more pinning and slow speed sewing, but they are no more challenging than other blocks. I made my templates from Styrene that I purchased from the Radio Control hobby shop. Ever so much cheaper than purchasing the templates! Mine aren't clear, but I don't find that to be a problem.... what I do find to be a problem is my awful fabric selection. I'm determined NOT to buy any more fabric in 2010, and still make my quilts. I have nine (yeah, nine!) of the big plastic totes filled with fabric stash. Plus the smaller 25 quart ones that hold my projects in progress... about a dozen of those I think. I'm afraid to count. I do NOT need to buy anything.
The goldy-greenish-swirly fabric I used for this block is really pretty but the photo makes it far too similar to the background (which probably wasn't the best choice ever... but I needed to use something that I had a few yards of - and the brown and pale green was it). The name of the block is "Way of the World"... and my world is looking pretty confused. Muddy, actually - but I do live in the Pacific Northwest, and we do have a bit of rain. I need to use fabric that is much less 'busy'!

The other "Big Deal" up here on the farm is Alex's Graduation quilt. I can't show a photo of the block(s) because there is always the remote possibility that she might see it, and I want the top to be a surprise. So here are the colors, anyway - all 2" strips. The fabrics are "Spray Batik" from SewBatik in their "Nuance" collection. Alex loves tie-die and bright colors; when I took some scraps over to show her, she was pretty excited! Now that I'm getting used to putting the diamonds together, the top is coming along faster. I should be able to send it off to Kerstin by the end of the month... I'm actually shooting for the 17th, but I'll be happy with the 30th. So will Kerstin!