Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday already?

Kerstin says I'm a big girl now, because I'v started a blog, but I have to go make some blocks so I can post them.... OK, OK - I'll be back later!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starting out

OK, Beginning Blogger that I am, I'll have a steep learning curve... but it will be fine (Kerstin said!) and I can join the 21st Century. Hello, World!

First things first, I'm getting my upstairs room cleared out enough that I can actually see my sewing machine. We moved to the farm rather quickly (30-day escrow) and we two packrats had lived in our little log house for 20 years - of course, we also had a 2-story garage that was the same footprint as the house...and that's a LOT of "stuff" to move! Every available inch of space under cover is filled with our posessions, making living a bit cramped. I'm sure that some of our things will be damaged by the humidity, even if they aren't actually water-damaged. It is WET in the Winter up here in Oregon! We knew that, as we've owned the farm for six years... and it is gorgeous without so many folks around. Very peaceful - and now that I'm retired, I may actually finish some quilts... the only draw-back is the never-ending battle with the packing boxes.