Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Starting out

OK, Beginning Blogger that I am, I'll have a steep learning curve... but it will be fine (Kerstin said!) and I can join the 21st Century. Hello, World!

First things first, I'm getting my upstairs room cleared out enough that I can actually see my sewing machine. We moved to the farm rather quickly (30-day escrow) and we two packrats had lived in our little log house for 20 years - of course, we also had a 2-story garage that was the same footprint as the house...and that's a LOT of "stuff" to move! Every available inch of space under cover is filled with our posessions, making living a bit cramped. I'm sure that some of our things will be damaged by the humidity, even if they aren't actually water-damaged. It is WET in the Winter up here in Oregon! We knew that, as we've owned the farm for six years... and it is gorgeous without so many folks around. Very peaceful - and now that I'm retired, I may actually finish some quilts... the only draw-back is the never-ending battle with the packing boxes.


  1. I'd love to include you as an author on the friday block party blog.... to do so I have to have an email for you though. Your profile is set to not give out your email so I can't contact you directly to include you :-(

  2. Not to worry, it'll all come around. Just keep at it and before long the unpacking will be done. The sewing of quilts and blogging will all become everyday stuff. Nice that you could make the move to quiet country. We made a move nearly 8 years ago and I still have boxes of who knows what all stored away. Likely to remain so until the next effort to move, lol, you know we all have too much stuff when it's time to downsize. When my turn comes, OMG but it's going to be a huge job. Welcome to the Circle of Bloggers! Kim

  3. That's a very interesting quilt you have pictured in your first blog post... what a great collection of fabrics! Please tell about it! Happy Blogging, too!