Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lookin' Better...

The Quilt Along "Bears in the Farmhouse" is looking much better, now that I've got more of the bright red in the sashing and borders. It was looking a bit dull before they went on. Now, two more borders and it will be finished. I've never made a quilt this fast before. Peer pressure (and knowing Judy is watching) is a wonderful thing.

The rain stopped long enough to take the top outside to snap this picture. I do love the rain! I guess that is one reason why I like Oregon so much... the trees. Without lots of rain we'd not have all the forests, and I'd not be happy without my trees.


  1. Very nice, it's really coming together.

  2. Don't forget about how you don't have to go to work!

  3. This is looking wonderful. Just wait until you get the rest of the borders on -- perfection! I really like the red colours. And I love your expression "bears toes". Very cute! :-) Take care -- Dianne B. in England