Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Seven

Wordle: Seven meme

My friend Marlene, over at Country Girl on the Chesapeake Bay had a post about a "Giveaway Meme" that she was/is doing. I told her I'd like to do that, too... but I didn't know what a "Meme" was (still don't... but I'm going to look it up just as soon as I post this). I did look it up! It means to use something from somebody else's mind to spark the creative impulse in your own mind... so that's what I'm doing: using Marlene's idea and carrying it forward.

Anyway, the deal is that I'm going to give away seven "things" to the first seven readers who respond to my post (assuming I have seven readers)... one to each person, not seven to one person! And one for Marlene P. as well - so you don't have to be the first seven, M... that makes eight - but Marlene wasn't expecting that part.

All that YOU, fearless reader, have to do is comment on this post saying that you'd like to be on the receiving end of what I decide to make for you. Oh, yeah, and then respond off-blog (email, please) to me letting me know where to send your gift.
And another caveat: you have to pass on the goodness by posting that you'll give away seven things to seven people who read your blog... sometime within the coming year (by Dec. 31st of 2009).

What can these "things" be? Well, anything that I choose to make for you... it will be something you'll like, because I don't do shoddy work. And it won't be something I bought - because that isn't the point of a gift - it has to be from the heart... which is why I've got a year to figure out what to make for you - just for you.

But if it really isn't your style... it is OK to re-gift the gift - but you can't sell it! Ever. No matter how rich and famous I become (like that's going to happen!), and the $$$ you'd make from selling the gift could keep you in fine style at a Bermudan Resort for quilte a while, the "thing" I make for you must never be sold... it can only be passed along, OK? That last part is my caveat, not Marlene's. But I like it. This is in the spirit of giving and renewal. No selling.

OK, That's it, I think.
I'm going upstairs to finish the borders on my Bears quilt now.


  1. You need to put a check mark in front of "show email" in EDIT PROFILE for anyone to be able to email you and to answer your comments when you leave them on other blogs.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  2. What an interesting concept this gift of seven. It's definately more personal than a regular giveaway and it's a surprise. Well sign me up. Also I like the idea of giving back and hosting one myself. Mine will probably take place a bit later in the spring, I will let you know when it's happening.

    Thanks Librarynan!

  3. Sign me up! I would love to have something handmade by you. And it better have a chicken on it.