Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Frogs on Surfboards!

"Leap Frog" was the name of the block Donna picked for this week's Friday Block Party... and what could I do but look around for some froggie fabric! I thought I had another one, but this one worked just fine. Not my usual colors, or print! But I like the way the bubbles work with the waves, even though the colors are way too close to the same. The very bright orange "X" pulls the surfing frog print to the fore, I think. I didn't like the block at first, but it kind of grew on me. Now I think it is pretty cool.

Must have been in a blue funk today; I thought our Block of the Month for March was too similar to the February block. Given that I'm doing a Christmas quilt and I don't have a LOT of Christmas fabric in my stash - yeah, I know hard to believe... but true! With six boxes of fabric, I actually have very little Christmas-y stuff. I didn't want to do two blocks that were very similar stars and had almost the same fabrics as well. Anyway, I was looking for a good block to use for Marjory's quilt and thought I'd try this one, "Love in a Mist" from Quilter's Cache to see if it was suitable instead of doing the actual March block. I may do the March Block anyway later... when the season rolls around and I can get some diferent Christmas fabrics. This block might work for Marjory's quilt, though... still not sure. I'll audition some more blocks before I decide.


  1. love those frogs!

    every time I catch a glimpse of your profile I do a double-take, because I also live in Oakland... California. (And I have an orange cat, too)

  2. Me too, Floribunda! Simon is my orange tabby and he is a love bug. Nice blocks!

  3. Love the blocks as ALWAYS!!! I had to laugh because I have been feeling like playing with Christmas fabric and thought someone might look at me weirdly...what they heck, I don't care. Love that block though.

  4. Your blocks are great. The froggies are too fun. And the Christmas block is lovely. Got to start now to be ready for the big day.