Monday, March 9, 2009

Bearpaw Madness!

I finished the 12 blocks for Judy L's "Bears in the Farmhouse" Quilt along. Doing the HSTs wasn't bad, deciding where each of the colors should go was, indeed!
I purchased (can't bring myself to say 'buy' these days - especially where stash is concerned) the stripes because I loved the subtle colors. I think I should have gone with the snappier pink, yellow, and white stripes that I'd originally picked from the stash. They made the ecru/brown even darker, though. I think I've gotten this quilt awfully dark, and I'm not sure how to fix it. There was so little yellow in Ye Olde Stashe, that I'd have had to get more to finish, so I did an array of reds instead.
I was thinking I'd switch back to yellows where JL has reds in her design; this quilt is beyond subtle to really somber. Even though there are no yellows in the scrappy HSTs, do you think the yellow border(s) would "punch it up" or make it even muddier and more confusing?


  1. Best bet would be to take your blocks to a local quilt shop and test them out against potential border fabrics. There are so many shades and tones of yellow (or any other colour) that some will work and other won't. Also you might find a yellow print that has some secondary colours that are already in your blocks that would tie it together. Good Luck!

  2. Those blocks are just did a great job. You always do though.

    I agree, take it with you to the shop for border fabric.

  3. Yuppers, take take that one to the shop and try a few colors on for size. The blocks are so pretty...