Thursday, February 19, 2009

Busting my... Stash

I've about given up on the "Lucky Stars" block... first I re-sized it (Yeah, Kerstin, I did the math) and it came out wrong - the rectangles were 1/2 inch short. So I decided to do the stupid thing in all squares and HSTs... and re-cut the fabric to make up the gazillions of HSTs (at least I was using up fabric!). No luck! I wound up in the same boat as Vicki: I had a "King Kong" block! Oh, well... maybe a nice pillow?

I may try again, but I'm pretty discouraged with that block - maybe I'll just see what Miss Donna has in store tomorrow. It can't be as difficult as Lucky Stars ...even though it is a really pretty block - and in the right hands (like Julie in the Barn) downright gorgeous.

I am re-affirming my attempt to "Bust My Stash" this year... I put my name on Judy Liquidaria's "Stashbusters" page. And then I went out and bought three yards of a really pretty stripe that I liked better than the one I chose for the "Bears" Quilt Along. BOOO HISS!!!

As the kiddos say "My bad, Mrs. S" (I hate that phrase, it seems like they are saying what they know they are expected to say... but they are sort of laughing about getting caught out). I really am sorry about purchasing more fabric when I already have so much - but I can't seem to help myself. I guess that is what an addiction is, isn't it? It is funny to look upon my foible as an addiction, but I'm pretty sure if I didn't hoard fabric I'd find another outlet for my addicive personality - perhaps even more unhealthy.

OK - I PROMISE not to go into a fabric store unaccompanied by somebody who knows about my pledge, and who will STOP ME BEFORE I BUY AGAIN!


  1. You live 25 miles from the nearest town. How are you buying fabric? BTW it's okay to buy it if you use it. Besides, you are providing economic stimulus in you community. I always thought fabric was cheaper than therapy myself.

  2. I wouldn't blame you if you decided to let the Lucky Star block fade into extinction. It was a bugger.

  3. You can go with me and I will buy it all and keep it all!!! :)

    I am finally getting a sewing room this weekend...