Monday, February 16, 2009

Bushfire Project

Yesterday I made a few Wonky Star blocks for Tia Curtis' "Bushfire Project". The idea is to collect quilt squares for her Alice Springs Quilt Guild to make into quilts for the people who were burned out of their homes by the gigantic Bushfires that are ravaging Australia. Several of the members of Friday Block Party have participated in the Bushfire Project.

Next thing, I'm going to figure out how to put the Bushfire link on my blog by way of helping the project get more exposure. Second item for this post is to put up my (tentative fabric selection for the Bears in the Farmhouse "Quilt Along" that Judy Liquidaria is doing.

I still need to catch up with Tamara's NorthBay BOM (one left to make) and do the missing Friday Block Party ones (five, I think!)...yikes! I'd better get moving!


  1. Your wonky stars look great. I've been making a few myself.

  2. Great Wonky Stars! I loved making this block! Do you want help with putting links into your blog? I just figured this out a few weeks ago. It's very easy - really!

  3. I'm liking your wonky stars. Sounds like you have your hands full with the Quilt Along, BOMs and the Friday Block Party blocks.

    By the way thanks for the suggestion of turning this weeks Friday Block Party block into a pillow. I just might do that given I've got this rather large block. (I couldn't find an e-mail address to thansk you for the suggestion so I hope it's o.k. to leave it here)