Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friday Block Party

I've joined another Blogging Group "The Friday Block Party". Each Friday this year Donna will choose a block that we will all make, I assume by the next Friday. We are to post photos of what we've made on the FBP blog, so all of us can see the blocks as they come together. This one was week six: Patch as Patch Can, from Quilter's Cache.

Imagine that! 52 blocks at the end of the year... that will make quite a few quilts, won't it? Especially since our Tamara has declared this "The Year of the UFO" (as in FINISH the darn things!), tee hee. Not that I have any UFOs, of course... and I have a wonderful Orange Bridge in San Francisco that I'll sell you, really cheap!

This block is Montana Valley, week 5. It is also from Quilter's Cache. I'm not really wild about the colors I've chosen (I do like the dragonfly fabric, though), but one of my goals is to use up a large part of my giant Fabric Stash!!!
I think there were five or six boxes of fabric that Kaylin and I sort of hid upstairs... not that I shouldn't have tall those boxes of fabric, it just seemed a bit excessive when we were unloading the giant Penske truck(s) to bring that much "stuff"with me. Did I think there were no quilt/fabric shops in Oregon?
Apparently "Packing Light" isn't in my vocabulary!


  1. Such a great post! I am glad you joined our little party because you are a really great quilter and I love seeing you take on things. Your colors are wonderful.

  2. Hi! I saw you on the Bushfire Quilt Project on Flickr, and decided to stop by your blog! I love your blocks- they're so pretty! I hear you about the stash thing- I have SO much! I've been trying to stick to it this year, and not buy anything! ~ Jennie