Friday, August 14, 2009

Northern Beauty

Here is what I've been working on for the last couple of months. Marjory is a friend who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.... she just redecorated/renovated her bedroom and I had planned to make her a quilt as a birthday and thank-you-for-keeping-me gift.

In Edinburgh, a "Listed" dwelling requires a good deal of red tape if you want to do anything at all to it... you have to go to the Heritage Commission (or somebody important) if you want to make any changes at all. That said, Marjory is re-doing the interior and changing out some of the colors inside the flat. I finally decided on the design for her quilt: feminine and semi-Georgian, in the greens and pinky-red florals she has chosen.

There are a lot of pieces in "Blackford's Beauty" block (the name of the pattern I did the variation upon) and making this quilt took me quite a long time. I changed the center square after I had made the 12 blocks because the blue/lavender print I had chosen, even though it is one of Marjory's favorite colors, didn't have enough snap. I'm happy with the quilt now, though... tomorow the quilt is off to the longarm quilter's - then back to me for the binding, and finally on to Marjory in Scotland! I do hope she will be pleased.

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  1. This lovely Scotland bound quilt is so pretty, Marjory is going to adore it. Really like the colors your chose. :)