Saturday, August 22, 2009

Back to the "Block Party"

I have been a BBAAADDD player in QuiltPixie's Friday Block Party! I got Side Tracked and Off Track and now I'm having to Back Track! I know I don't have to backtrack, but I think I need to - for me. My skills and ability to focus would be greatly enhanced by doing the rest of the missing blocks. My goal is to finish all the "missing blocks" for FBP, but not to stress too much about when they get finished, short of sometime this year. I'm going to attempt completing one make-up block a week. I know I don't work anyhere near as fast as Julie or Roz, so I won't be doing eight in a week! Tee hee! Sometimes I may get two, and the regular block, but I'm not out to set any speed records! The premise of the Party was/is to have fun... and that's what I'm going to do.

This first block, week 33, was actually posted Thursday at FBP... before the Friday deadline, but I didn't get it posted here. I did it in Christmas fabrics, because I didn't like one of the blocks from the NorCal BOM... my colorway will make it a Christmas Quilt using those blocks. This elegant block is called "Northumberland Star". I followed the directions exactly (yeah, unusual for me...) and found I really didn't like the inherent "Wobbly-ness" of the bias edges. I do like the overall look of the block, but I don't think I'll be making a whole quilt of them.

This next entry, week 34, is a small one (9" finished) called "Rally 'Round". Since I made two other 9" blocks in very bright juvenile fabrics (mostly froggie prints), I stayed with the theme - maybe I'll have enough small blocks for a Valley of the Moon Quilt, eh? I really liked the finished block, but I was so un-focused that I spent a LOT of quality time with my seam ripper!

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  1. that is some bright block you've got there, Nan! (I have a little catching up to do, too...)