Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Quilt

Eric and Eizabeth got married on July 3rd. I knew they were getting married sometime this summer, but I didn't know exactly when and that made it really hard to make a present for them. I wanted to do a quilt, but didn't know what sort they'd like. Then I remembered that I had a very appropriate 30's Sampler Basket UFO; it only needed a few things to make it a finished quilt and give it a great "forever home". Is that silly, to think of my quilts like they are dogs in need of homes where somebody will love them? Anyway, today I sent "Something Old, Something New" off to Eric and Elizabeth in Minnesota. I only got this partial picture because the room where I took it is really tiny, and I wanted the picture "right now"! The basket blocks alternate with the bordered nine-patches so they seem to be set on point, but they are not - I alternated the orientation of the baskets as well to make it even more informal. There are half blocks on the outside edges to make the chains more prominent. I really like the way this quilt turned out and hope they like it too... they don't know it is coming to them!


  1. Well it looks like you have been very busy this summer getting quilts made up for various occasions. So it must have been great to find a suitable UFO to use for the wedding quilt. It looks great.

    By the way your blog this morning was playing tricks on me. I read one version of your story and then when I went to post a comment a different version of your story popped up. I think I need to have another cup of coffee LOL.

  2. Just a note to tell you I happened to find your blog while passing some time on the internet. Seems like we are very close neighbors with just a few miles between us. I live in Yoncalla.

    I enjoy quilting, embroidery (redwork), knitting, tatting, etc. Think I've tried almost all of the needle crafts.

    Will enjoy reading your blog and maybe leave a note off and on. Take Care