Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Quilty Bag for Design Wall Monday

When Erin goes to Kuwait we'll be able to "talk" on the computer! She got a little camera for her computer, but it didn't have any protection in the big computer bag... so I made her a little "Humbug Bag" for it! I did some straight-line quilting to make it more protective, and added a carrying handle out of the binding.

Her camera is so cute! John Lassiter (of Pixar) and company are Mac folks, and I just realized why Erin's camera looks so famliar! That is "Wall-e" poking his head out of the bag!

Since I finished Marjory's quilt (binding is all finished, too), I guess this IS what is on my design wall for Monday... or would be if I had a design wall. I'm starting a UFO tomorrow; an almost-finished table runner. I'm going to start learning machine quilting on it.

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