Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sewing, but not Quilting...

Last night I made this cute pillowcase for Marlene (actually, her dog Sam will probably end up with it... not really her colors!) I loved the print, all the sweet doggieness of it

Yesterday I spent cutting the sashing for Marjory M's quilt... when it finally got cool enough to go upstairs. We are having a heatwave... and I don't do heat! That's why I moved to Oregon... much cooler than California- NOT. Temps have been in the low 90s all week, and next week they are to go higher - triple digits, as I hear it. Not good for me at all... I can hear the coast calling me!

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  1. Hi Nan,
    The email address you entered for the Friendship Bag swap bounced. Can you please send me a correct email. (See my contact page for my email)