Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sisters Saturday

Kerstin came up to visit last week, and on Saturday we headed off to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. Since we had heard of the Sisters show for years, we were really excited to finallly be able to go... but had NO idea of what to expect.
WOW! What an amazing day! Quilts were hanging everywhere... over 1200 of them, according to the flyer that we picked up at "The Stitchin' Post". Quilts in every conceivable style, and all absolutely beautiful! The crowd was immense, and everybody seemed to be having fun looking at the quilts, greeting old friends, and making new friends as well. We decided we'd do the whole festival next year instead of just coming for the show... classes, picnic and all.
There were so many wonderful activities scheduled... I don't know how people could choose what to do!

Several streets were closed off to cars, making for a wonderful walking and quilt-looking experience. Quilts were displayed outside and inside some of the shops as well. There were thousands of visitors to the town as you can see here, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves in spite of the very hot day! Fun to walk down the middle of the street and see so many quilts - Heaven! Don't let anybody know that it isn't always rainy in Oregon... they'll all want to move to this beautiful spot!

A Guild from Washington brought two "Quilty Cars"... the members had made quilted covers for their mini-van and PT Cruiser... Way fun! The windows have screens over them, and there is velcro closing the doors so the cars can actually be driven with their coats on (NOT on the freeway, of course... but in parades). I'm trying to talk Kerstin into making a cover for her van... so she can drive it in Petaluma's Butter and Eggs Day parade!

My current favorite quilt pattern is "Snail Trail" and there was a whole section of just Snail Trails! Scrappy, Batik, Two-Color Traditional, and Modern Colorway... very cool! Not all the quilts were hung by theme, some were arranged according to fabric type, some by pattern, some by color. It was a beautiful show!

On the way home we stopped at one of the "Open Farms" for the Oregon Lavender Festival"... nice surprise as we wern't expecting to have any more excitement after the Outdoor Quilt Show! I got two more lavender plants, one a pale pink "Melissa" variety, for my garden... and Kerstin got some lovely hand lotion - Lavender scented, of course!


  1. You are such lucky girls! Wish I could go to Sisters for the show and I may someday yet. :o) Lovely lavender fields.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Sounds like a lot of fun and lots of inspiration for future projects.

  3. I didn't get to go to Sisters this year and I am still pouting. Thanks for sharing pictures. Every year I have taken a street picture. It is so amazing. :)

  4. Hello - I just came by, and have been entertained by your words and pictures. There sure are some nice quilts in that display. Love the blocks and quilts you have been working on also. Why did I come here - your blog name sure made me curious, and well anything Oregon always gets my attention, such a beautiful part of the world.