Friday, June 11, 2010

Two More for FBP.

Too bad I didn't make a list, because I got lots of things done (or partly done) today.

Put kiln wash on my shelves, attacked the weeds in the spot where I'm going to plan the corn and squashes, helped Henry put the cowling back on the Ford tractor, printed some glazes so I can make tests to see if I like them, and made TWO blocks for Friday Block Party!

I'm not very happy with the photos I'm taking of the blocks... crooked and the odd lighting changes the colors! YYEEcch! That is something to work on: take good pictures, after all, it isn't "Rocket Surgery"!

I like the way the individual R/W/B blocks are coming out. This one is "Puss in the Corner from week 17, wuilte a while ago. I'll have to put them all together and take a shot of them... hopefully they will place nicely.

At first I didn't like "Broken Wheel". Maybe I just didn't like the name. Since it was a 12" block, I decided to just do it anyway, and be one block closer to finishing a quilt. It might make an interesting quilt on it's own, but it wasn't very interesting to make. That makes seven blocks for the R/W/B quilt, I'm a little more than half-way... 13 on point is my goal, but I haven't got a clue for the setting or borders.

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