Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mulligan Again?

I really didn't like the contrast in my March block for the North Bay BOM... it was the last post. So I took a "Mulligan" and did it again.

This version is much better. The green looks far more 'dotty' than varigated in the photo - it is really pretty solid. Using solid colors with the Batik print background will work better than using prints. I have lots of bright colors left from Alex's Graduation quilt that I can use in this one.

I finished Alex's quilt and sent it to Kerstin for Longarming (is that a word? I know, I know... 'don't verb your nouns!' Thanks, Mom.) I'm really excited to see it, when it returns I'll bind it, take a picture, (and post it of course) then take it right over to her... Graduation is Sunday, so it won't be too early to give it to her.

1 comment:

  1. I love this version, the teal colour really makes it so vibrant. I'm looking forward to seeing Alex's quilt that you have been so busy with. I'm still on vacation but soon will be heading home (Thursday), then I guess I catch up work with my BOM's.