Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Flashy, Splashy, and Just "So Alex" !!!

Here is Alex's quilt (in it's natural habitat - Alex's room) after I presented it to her. Kerstin quilted roses in each of the diamonds: black ones in the dark blue diamonds, and verigated ones in each of the colored blocks. I bound it last Friday and took it to Alex's party on Saturday...

Johnny spirited the quilt out of the car and stashed it up in his room (across the hall) without her knowing it was even in the house. Later, while Alex was out greeting guests, we crept up and spread the quilt out on her bed. She never missed us!

Her friends were in on the deal, so Todd (one of the Dads) asked if he could see her newly painted room. Several others wanted to see, too, so up they went. I expected a "patented AlexScream", but heard nothing. They said she stopped short and was SPEECHLESS. Very unusual for our Alex. "OMG!", she said... "it is BEAUTIFUL!" No scream, but the appreciation in her voice was thanks enough.

And now for something totally different.


  1. Nan, it's BEAUTIFUL! You can sneak a quilt like that into my house any time you want...

  2. Great job Nan. The colours are gorgeous and this will be one quilt that Alex will treasure for the rest of her life.