Thursday, June 10, 2010

Back to the Future.

I took R0ssie's "Process Pledge", so I'm allowing myself even more freedom to blog about what what I'm thinking while I'm doing my quilts. Since I rarely sketch anything, I probably won't be letting you see any design options before I've made my decision, though.

Friday Block Party choice for last week was a nice starry one, so I decided to do it in my Christmas fabric... and get closer to a finish with that one. Kerstin will HATE it when I'm done and I send it to her.... it is just too "Christmas" for words. Maybe the sashing will help tone it down a bit, but probably not since I've got light colored stars in the intersections of either green or red print 2" wide sashes (no color decision there, yet). I haven't decided on the borders.

I could have sworn I was almost finished with the blocks for this quilt, but I have only eight of the twelve blocks finished! I think the "Quilt Gremlins" are removing blocks from the box in the night!!! If that is happening, why don't they take the ones I don't like?

I'm getting very close to "being so done with this one"... why does that happen with all the quilts I make? Before I finish I begin not to like a quilt very much, and keep going just to finish it. By the time I've finished any quilt, no matter how much I liked it when I started, and how much I like the fabrics - the colors, the block pattern - I don't like it at all when I'm done. I think it is the worst quilt I've ever made. What is up with THAT???

I like this block a bunch, and with the BG "L" shapes, the big block of background fabric would become the primary focus if it was used for a big quilt. Hmmm... this block might be a possibility for Kaylin's graduation quilt, since I have two to make for next June and I need to get started on them ASAP!

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