Friday, February 26, 2010

Two More For FBP...

These two blocks are the latest for the "Friday Block Party"... the first is called Something-or-Other "Moths". While it is a very nice block the way it was designed, I didn't put the two little tan corners in the large corner squares. Those corner squares would make a secondary pattern that joins the moths if one were doing a quilt, but I found it too distracting on the single block. I did like making the Moth block, it went together very quickly, and finished at 9". Yeah, I could have made it into a 12" one, but obviously didn't.

This one is also an FBP block, but it was designed as a 12" one, so it will go into the r/w/b quilt... when I get a sufficient number in the collection. The only white in this block is the tiny white dots in the blue star print. That is OK, though. I wanted a non-traditional look. I'm not really sure what the quilt will turn into, yet, anyway. Just keepin' my options open.
Two months gone, and I'm still caught up!

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