Friday, February 5, 2010

So, What Is It That I HAVE Been Doing?

So far, I finished Marjory's quilt (well, that was actually last year. I sent it to Scotland before Thanksgiving - but it was missing for over a month, and I thought it was lost for sure.) I have to admit I wasn't looking forward to making a do-over. It was a pretty special quilt for a really special friend. The quilt eventually showed up in Edinburgh, and all ended well. Marjory did like the quilt, had even friends in so she could show it off. That makes me really proud.

Now the big project is Alex's Graduation quilt... I LOVE the fabric I got from "Sew Batik"! They are so beautiful and have a wonderful feel. I'm doing a quen sized quilt for her, and she really likes bright tie-dye... so that's what she's getting.

I've joined the Friday Block Party again this year... Hetty G. is our leader, and we have lots of new members. Fun!

This is the sixth week block... Marsha Hohn's "Sickle Variations". It is a tiny block, only 8" square. I have two tiny blocks from last year, and one more in the "first five" for this year - that's the next picture - and all are in the same color family, sort of pink and green and blue. I think they'll make a nice "Little Girl" quilt - but I have nobody in mind as the giftee. Maybe later I'll decide on somebody to give it too.

As I said, the next photo is of the first five FBP blocks: I have a lot of trouble posting words and pictures together, so I took one shot of all five together. I like them. I already decided the 12" blocks will be combinations of red, blues, and white or least until I have enough to make a quilt. That way I won't have a gazillion blocks with no home, and no completed quilts to show for my efforts.

This year I'm officially "Not Buying That", and completing at least some of my UFOs. I have parts of three or four quilts that need to be finished, only one or two blocks each will finish them... then they can probably become donation quilts.

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