Friday, February 19, 2010

Curved Pieces?

While driving up to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show last Summer and chatting about what we'd like to learn to do, Kerstin and I decided to do an online BoM this year to try and improve our curved seam piecing skills. We thought we'd open it up to our friends as well - since it is always fun to see what other quilters make! In my case, those cuved piecing skills were non-existant. I had never done even one curved seam (at least on purpose... some of my straight seams do tend to curve a bit - but that isn't the same). Drunkard's Path seemed to be a logical choice.

Since my goal this year is to refrain from purchasing ANYTHING, I decided to do our project using my Batik and hand-dyed fabrics. I had a lot of the minty-green and coffee brown fabric, so I chose that as the background. I'll use a different batik for the alternate color in each of the Drunkard's Path blocks; no two will be the same fabric because I don't have very large pieces. I may have guessed wrong on the suitablilty of so many different batiks... January's color choices make for a VERY busy block. I'm not sure I like the January block at all, but I've made some pretty ugly blocks before, and once they were sashed and combined/hidden in a quilt, they semed to loose their "WTF???" factor and blend in OK. One can only hope.

The blue-green fabric in the upper right of the photo is my choice for February. That may be a better call, less visually confusing.

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