Friday, May 8, 2009

MIA ? Not Exactly...

I just haven't been blogging, but I have been quilting. I did these two blocks for the Friday Block Party group... Sorry ladies, I'm not caught up again (story of my life - a friend used to say I'd be late to my own funeral... I told him I sincerely hoped so!).
Anyway, I did a variation of "Cross and Crown" for week 16, and my own very flowery version of "FlyFoot" for week 17 - at least I think those are the proper weeks.
I really like this Victorian flower print, and the plain boring beige works quite nicely with it, I think. Is it my imagination, or does this one sort of look like a Chinese Fortune Cookie? I added a 2" strip to all the sides, so it could go in the 12" block pile.

This one looks like a Stone Henge, or a quasi-Japanese Temple.That's probably because I switched the placement of the long side strips (I didn't like the more choppy look of the goldy squares and then the blue stripes and THEN the goldy stripes). My ironing job made the block a bit wonky, but I straightened it out after I took the picture. I added 2" strips to the outside so it would finish at 12" (not sure why, now that I think of it... the blue is overpowering).
I'm making two "Quick Nine-Patches" as presents for friends (one moved, and the other is getting married); I'm involved in two "Swaps"- I've been assigned really nice ladies for both swaps; making Pillows for the kids from Spud's Hawaiian shirts; and working on Marjory's quilt. I'll try to be a bit more consistent with Blogging - I love to read everyone else's posts, and it seems like I should be sharing what I'm doing as well.

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  1. Hey! I just popped in to see what you are up to and here is a brand spanking new post! I've been busy sewing and making progress. Even posted a thing or two. Nice to hear you are busy sewing and planning your swap quilts.