Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baby Steps...

It seems like everybody but me knits! I have knitted, I've made scarves for my tribe, and I made a cozy sweater to wear in my office (loosely termed 'the Refrigerator') at school. However, I was always told that I was "doing it wrong"... obviously by people who didn't know any better - and whose shops I didn't end up patronizing, because I DID knit! I had the sweater to prove it, complete with an interesting twist in the knitting.

I joined a group of women who meet at a church in Roseburg to learn to "knit RIGHT" (sorry, using a book only works if you already know how, or are far more focused than I am) and actually learn to follow a pattern in a book like everybody else can do. I always wanted to make a sweater with a pattern in it, and I love cables... so after I did a sampler and felt comfortable with the basic knit and purl stitches, Lorna suggested I try a simple cable pullover.

Hah! Easy for her to say, she's a knitter! I got started, though, and I'm coming along fine... the cable is starting to turn, and it actually does look sort of like a sweater.


  1. Cute! I am gradually learning that there is no right or wrong way to do most crafts... I knit and purl from the top of the stitch since I'm left handed- any other way my stitches end up twisted! I was told this was "wrong" but you know what? It looks :right"! Keep up the good work- I'm working on my first "real" sock at the moment! ~ Jennie

  2. You ARE a knitter! Congratulations on finding the right group of people to knit with!

  3. I've never heard of knitting wrong. Either you knit or you don't. You're a knitter, girl! That is going to look fantastic!