Sunday, April 12, 2009

Queen's X, Not It !!

This is a small block for Friday Block Party: "Queen's X". Since it is a small one, I decided to go with the fabrics I used in "Leap Frog" (even though the orange is reading as pink here - wazzup with that?) and maybe have enough small blocks for a charity quilt later. I forgot to turn two of the striped fabric blocks in the HSTs 90 degrees to make all the stripes go the same way (slow learner sometimes... oops). I "fixed" that by keeping the stripes in each diagonal the same - at least that's my story... and I'm sticking to it!
I realy do like the "bubbles" fabric. Wish I could remember where I got it - NO I don't, 'cause then I'd want to go get more of it, and I don't have a specific project that needs to be completed using just that fabric... I can substitute if I need that blue!

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  1. Hi Nan, I really like how your Bear Paw turned out! I was tempted to join in when this one started but resisted! Your Block Party blocks are great. I've got to catch up this week. That trip put me way behind.