Sunday, September 20, 2009

Playing catch-up yet again!

I made three FBP blocks ... well actually two new ones and ripped/fixed one ... today.

This first one is actually the current block, so it isn't a catch-up at all.

Titled "Nelson's Victory", I used bubbles, white tone-on-tone ocean waves and blood red. Problem here - there wasn't enough of the perfect blood red! I had another red, but it was too dark; didn't look quite bloody enough. So, Scot that I am... I sewed some tiny red strips together to get my last 3 1/2 inch square. Yay me! The windy morning made for an oddly-shaped block.

This next one is a catch-up block from the week I was in Palm Desert with my Dad. It is called "Double Quartet" and is really tiny - well, for me it is tiny (8") because I don't usually do small blocks ... I tend to re-size them to 12" when I can do the math.

What did I learn from this block? Never sew when you are mad at somebody. You'll just have to take a do-over ! The Do-Over did come out a bit better; I really like the reddish flowered Chinz pattern, and the middle green is my "most favorite" color ever (no fair telling the 'teacher police' about my grevious grammar errors, you guys!)... Anyway, I wasn't about to let this block go and waste fabric just because I had a burr under my saddle. I suppose the solitude did me good, as I'm not as PO-ed as I was. The block is still wonky, but it will do.

This last block is the "Castles in the Air" for FBP that I posted a while back. "Jack" (yeah, the Ripper- thanks, J!) and I spent some quality time and I got the blue blocks where they belong. One more of the Hawaiian Shirt Fabric blocks, and I'll be good to go for the 27th! Just puttin' the pillows together! Cathy and Duck will get theirs later, but they are OK with that.

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  1. Three beautiful blocks - I love all your colour combos. Well done getting busy with Jack - I usually just change the purpose and start again.