Monday, September 28, 2009

Last of the pillow blocks for now... maybe.

This block is called Morning Star 2, from Quilter's Cache... it was way back at week #8 in the FBP blocks, and I don't know if I had even started by then! Probably had, but I didn't do this one. I made it out of some of the Kahala Shirt Fabrics for the kids' pillows. Hoped to hae them all finished and given as "Birthday Presents" yesterday - that didn't happen... I still need to practice more on my quilting. I'm getting better, though. I'm still reluctant to put the quilting on these, as I know they'll be around for a long time - and while I don't need perfect, good is really necessary.

I made a little bag to send off to a quilter in Florida as part of a swap. The bag was fun and I got some quilting practice in on it, too! My "water" pattern is getting better. I loved the Halloween fat-quarter and just had to put it in! It was the ONLY thing I bought (Oh, no... I got a book, too... forgot) at the Pacific Northwest Quilting Expo last week. I was pretty proud of myself for not spending a fortune! I did colect a bunch of cards and wrote on the back what I wanted from each of the vendors, so I can do all that shopping later, tee hee.

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