Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kids and Quilts

When Erin and I made the baby quilts for the "New Moms" last Summer, she asked if we could make one for Claire, too... so she wouldn't feel left out of all the new baby goings-on at their house. Of course we made Claire her own special quilt. I posted a picture of the baby quilts a while ago. Mom Sarah sent me an eMail saying it was really sort of hard to get the quilts AWAY from the kids so they could be washed (the quilts, not the kids!) Don't Claire and Grant look happy and snuggly?


  1. They look really happy with those quilts! (I get the same feedback about the ones I sent to my nieces and nephews. I'm just glad the quilts are being used, so I have an excuse to make more!)

  2. Kids and quilts look oh so cuddly. I'm happy to know that the quilts I made for kids are being used. You must be too.