Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lovely Rainy Weather !

I do love the rain... it makes the trees so happy! Everything is cool and private because people stay inside their nice warm, dry houses... and I get a chance to stay in and quilt, or knit, or cook, or paint! And when I go outside for a walk, everything smells so fresh and good!
I've been catching up on projects for a while... I finished Marjory's quilt, made a pincushion for Sheila, pieced all the Hawaiian Shirt pillows (now I still have to actually quilt them - that is a bit intimidating, still) and I'm catching up on the NorCal (Christmas Quilt) BOM and the Friday Block Party missing pieces. I had a lot of trouble posting these four photos to the FBP website with comments next to the blocks. The formatting got all wonky, and I had to re-do the post five times to get it I'm just going to post these, and not actually comment on them next to each one.
The first one is Something-or-other-swallows (the pattern I used for Leena's quilt last year), the second is Fool's Puzzle, the third is Blind Man's Fancy, and the last one is Album Star. Maybe the order they'll come out - I don't know!

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