Thursday, June 25, 2009


I'm back from California... and ready to GET QUILTING! No sewing machine at my Dad's house, so I did a lot of knitting (and a LOT of ripping out... I've knitted enough to have finished the blue cable pullover, but I'm not quite finished with the back... does that make sense? I think I ripped 6" at least four times - but I like what I've got now, and it actually follows the pattern!)

While I was away, Nova finally got her Swap package, so I can show you the "Funky Chicken" potholders I made for Leah and Nova in the Kitchen Swap.

This one is Nova's ... She wanted some bright colors... so the lime green was my color choice for her! You can't see the "Useful Bowl" very well - it is dark brown - at the top center of the picture, but I sent her one of my handmade pots, too. I just love the chicken pattern that I got from Kerstin!

And this one is Leah's. Her kitchen is black and white and blue. I sent her a sturdy tea mug as well, hoping it would survive family use. We were both surprised that the packet of tea survived Customs. The popsicle molds will probably have to wait to be used until Australia' Summer rolls around in October/November.

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  1. yay she's back! Its my most favorite mug ever. I use it everyday all day! My kids pull the molds out everyday and ask if its time to make icey-poles.